We turned Aunt Renie

We turned Aunt Renie

We have waited for somebody, since there were a few signs left in the neighbourhood as a bait. Although it was found by her accidentally. She said it was quite difficult and we should hurry, because she had not so much time left for the ‘job’, this weekend she will probably be countermanded back to Germany.

First, we asked her to show the place she found the information, and to tell the way she pitched upon us. As it was told, she decided to find some decent, trendy new place in the center of the hype, in Kazinczy Street, which for every youngster comes to BP. She’d like to go crazy, this place was on her bucket list.

So a short story was told to us.

I was looking something exciting, some new and underground whatever so i went to a place first, where things happened, Szimpla. I had heared about it, there was a twin pub in Berlin, so i had some pre-collected infos about the place…

I tried to ask the guys and the bartenders there, what was it worth to see recently, which places were the hypsters mad about today and actually that was the point when tiny pieces of information started to come…

2013-12-12 16.25.43

Lofthing is the new Kazinczy they said, but at that time a very few people knew anything about that. The location is changing, the system is invite only, so they couldn’t tell the right direction. She got a tip to scan the bulletin at the entrance, if there was anything about it.

2013-12-12 16.26.40

Then she found our bait and figured out the address through some 4sq investigation.

“And I am here now waiting for the informations…”

We told we had not so many, so the rest of the work was waiting for her. We gave access to our wifi and a prepaid sim. She took it, spent some time in the office then went out to explore the city.

From then on, we got only a message from her as a 4sq tip, and also a picture from nowhere in the suburbs… She found something, but couldn’t tell more at that time (as she mentioned). She disappeared(!!444!!!) and that was all we knew.

2013-12-12 16.27.38

So we are seeking on, trying to find other free agents to localize the place where Lofthing should be organized next, while we are searching for the web permanently for new informations. If you like to join, just like the tips she left on our office spot on 4sq, and we will get in touch with you. We promise. We are hipsters. In a way.

So, the (sub)journey is now on, with, or without Renie, but she did a lot for achiappo. We hope she’ll turn for us, and share some knowledge about the new hype and supply grasping on the chase… Tune in…