Developing The Adaptive Eduficational* System – Prelude

Developing The Adaptive Eduficational* System – Prelude

More than a year ago, we decided to develop an online enviromnent in which we try to achieve new experiments for online learners, for SMEs as well as for companies. First, I have to tell you, we haven’t reached any of our antecedent milestones yet. But through a lot of difficulties and problems, we beleive we are still on the right track and if I try to sum up the attributes of our learning system imagined, I can round up these keywords: simple, adaptive, supportive, stimulative and pleasurable. Pretty nice combination right? We recognized moving slowly is absolutely normal.

We had some different point of views included L&D, content development, IT and Learning experience from the beginning, but the field of our approaches are growing continuously as we move forward. With this post-series I try to stay on the mixed field of learning experience (LX) and user interfaces. It should sound weird from a progressive UX approach, but I think it is important to visualize ideas from the very beginning, because with all it’s failures every  player in the design team can imagine the phases we actually try to carry out.

Content first

At the beginning we have no content. In theory we’d like to configure the proper content for our system, so we know, we can’t skip content types, content structure and content modelling, but first we need a skeleton which try to act like the smart digital material in the future.

We think we will need content, which is:

  • much like visual than textual
  • come from curated (branded) source (source 1)
  • come from the UGC universe
  • come from the data universe
  • include recommendation based content
  • include game based narrative

This list is the content take-off point from where we start the journey. We chose a general topic, maternity, which seemed to be suited to test our content challenges. We tried to be attentive to KISS principle and to do a very simple UI card based layout.

learning dashboard, layout, aes

This picture was our first output, and we started to think about the consequences.

The story will be continued here – when you see this as a link…

* …will be explained soon